Tuition Fees

Note:  All new families will also pay a one-time $10 Registration fee


Fall/Winter/Spring fees - mixed age classes - 10 weeks

First enrolled child $180
Second child - 9 months or older as of the 1st class meeting $100
Sibling under 9 months as of the 1st class meeting Free
Third or more siblings, any age Free 

Summer fees - Mixed age classes - 6 weeks

First enrolled child  $110
Second child - 9 months or older as of the 1st class meeting  $60
Sibling under 9 months as of the 1st class meeting  Free
Third or more siblings, any age  Free

Guitar Class for Grownups - 8 weeks

  • $135 per adult.
  • Open to families registered in the current semester only.
  • You can obtain the code to register from your teacher or from LouAnne, 239-671-5693, email:


Tuition (for Summer and Fall/Winter/Spring) includes:

  • 10 weeks (or 6 weeks for Summer) of classes - plus 2 optional make-up classes per semester.
  • 2 professionally recorded CDs of the semester's songs.
  • Access to the Family Music Zone for additional music downloads, resources, videos and apps!
  • An illustrated songbook with activities to enjoy at home.
  • A DVD guide and parent book for newly enrolled families.
  • Growing and Learning with Music Together®, a chart that helps you understand and support your child's journey to basic music competency.
  • A fun and informative Parent Education Night (once per every 10 week semester).


Any family wishing to withdraw from a class may do so with a $25.00 cancellation fee before classes begin. For those who cancel after the registration deadline, a credit towards a future session, for unattended classes minus the registration fee (if any), will be given. If materials have been received there will be a $50 reduction of the credit.  ***No Refunds will be given.


2-3 make-ups can be arranged per semester, based on availability. These can be scheduled prior to missing a class. You can schedule make-up classes using our online scheduler.  ***Make-ups need to be done in the semester the classes are missed so that children get the suggested class time exposure to the music. 

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